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As Qualified Chartered Accountants, we take pride in our job to translate financial information into practical and useful recommendations to help your business grow. 

i-Evalu8 - HR Consulting

Need the help you sort out currently dysfunctional staff? Improve your staff productivity and maximise your business potential. We can be your external HR support

Secrets to Success

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Integrated Intelligence - An integrated solution for all your accounting and business requirements

Our chartered accountants and business advisors provide business solutions in North Shore, Auckland and Nationwide

Integrated Intelligence is an integrated solution for all your accounting, business coaching, recruitment and HR evaluation requirements. With our complimentary combination of business and evaluation knowledge, and proactive approach to problem solving, we can help you transform your business to the next level. Specialising in 5 core areas of business solution: Accounting and Tax, Business Coaching, Recruitment Training, HR Evaluation and Business Recovery, we have a wealth of knowledge and support under one roof:

We’re not just your average accounting specialists. Our business coaching services will help your staff to build on the skills they need to perform optimally. Along with this growth, we can help you hire the right staff.

Integrated Intelligence offers you peace of mind for your business. Give us a call for a free business health check, or attend one of our free workshops to see how you can create a higher performing and more profitable business.
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